Walleyed Pike

I go fishing once a year though not every year.  Up near Minnoqua, Wisconsin, with my friend Dan.  We get a guide – often Jim who is excellent – and head out onto the deep waters.  Looking for walleye.   It’s often so early the loons are not even awake (“what are they doing here?”).  

To catch walleyes, you need big worms and a small jig with a medium-sized hook.  You string the worm onto the hook so most of the worm trails behind.  Then you cast and reel in slowly waiting for a little tug.   There are times when I’ve fished and had not so much as a nibble.   And then there are times when the fish are biting so fast and furious (I’ve heard that term somewhere. . . . ) that you have to bait your hook behind a tree.  

At the end of the day, Jim will clean the fish and portion them into filets.  As with tilapia, not much needs to be done.  A quick roll in some olive oil, Italian seasoning and bread crumbs and saute over a medium heat until the fish is flaky.  I swear there isn’t a better-tasting fish on the planet when it’s fresh out of the lake.  Add some homemade hash browns (I cut organic potatoes thin and saute in a squidge of olive oil, some butter, salt and pepper and chopped Vidalia onion), steamed brocolli and wagon wheel chocolate chip cookies for dessert.   Oh yes and some Caymus cab.   You’ll have a North Woods meal fit for Paul Bunyan.     

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