Five Feet from Glory. . . .

I love golf.   I practice.  I play.  I watch (especially when Tiger is in the hunt).  And when I do play, I secretly like stepping up to the par 3’s because I know that there is a chance. . . . .

In my post of August 13, 2011, I spoke of a brush with glory.  A 205 yard par 3.  Wind against.  And I popped my Pro V1 less than a foot from the pin.   Twelve inches.   304.8 millimeters. 

Every time I tee it up on a par 3, I take just a tad more time.  A bit more analysis on club selection.  And more care on the implementation of all 49 of my swing thoughts.  Or is it 50?   Sometimes my ball ends up off the green though often it’s somewhere on the green.  Sometimes it’s a few feet away from glory.    

I have friends who have had holes-in-one.  But so far I remain untouched.  Maybe one day.   Probably on a Saturday when there is a special event.  And the Club is jammed with people.  Of course I will have to buy drinks for everyone.  Be just my luck.     

One thought on “Five Feet from Glory. . . .

  1. Steve Stark

    Some people just have a knack for the hole-in-one. I personally have witnessed three, but have never had one myself. The best was my younger brother Bob, who at the age of eight, hit a 2-iron on a 115-yard water hole,skulling it into the pond, where the ball , promptly skipped once off the water,caught the bank, bounced onto the green, and rolled into the hole. I yelled, but Bob was so upset with the shot he never saw it drop. Priceless

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