A Hole In One. . . . Almost

Watching Tiger Woods at the Masters was amazing.  Yes – I told you so (see several posts – 9/27/18, the latest).   Tiger’s success gives me renewed hope that I – Mister 15 index – can one day achieve my dream.

Have you ever had a hole-in-one?  I have not.  But I’ve come close.  On August 7, 2011, I came the closest ever – about 8 inches from the cup.  Evanston Golf Club.  17th hole.  Playing about 215 yards.  A little wind against.  I pulled out my 3 wood and spanked my Pro V-1 just like Tiger.  The ball took off high and perfectly straight.  I watched.  It seemed like ages. The ball landed, bounced.  And disappeared.  “Wow!  Great shot” said the caddie.  “That could be in the hole,” said my friend Norm. 

The flagstick was obscured by a fairway bunker so we couldn’t see the result.   So we walked.  My heart racing.  As the pin came into view, I saw that the ball resting — inches from the hole.  An angry-looking divot splayed grass and turf where the ball had slammed into the green. I marked and cleaned my ball and thought briefly “gee what if I 3 putt?”    But I knocked down the putt for a 2.  Birdie.

A hole-in-one is rare and I almost had one.  But “almost” doesn’t count.  It either is or isn’t.  Suffice to say, I’m still looking for the elusive “ace.” One day.  Hey – if Tiger can do it . . . . 

Five Feet from Glory. . . .

I love golf.   I practice.  I play.  I watch (especially when Tiger is in the hunt).  And when I do play, I secretly like stepping up to the par 3’s because I know that there is a chance. . . . .

In my post of August 13, 2011, I spoke of a brush with glory.  A 205 yard par 3.  Wind against.  And I popped my Pro V1 less than a foot from the pin.   Twelve inches.   304.8 millimeters. 

Every time I tee it up on a par 3, I take just a tad more time.  A bit more analysis on club selection.  And more care on the implementation of all 49 of my swing thoughts.  Or is it 50?   Sometimes my ball ends up off the green though often it’s somewhere on the green.  Sometimes it’s a few feet away from glory.    

I have friends who have had holes-in-one.  But so far I remain untouched.  Maybe one day.   Probably on a Saturday when there is a special event.  And the Club is jammed with people.  Of course I will have to buy drinks for everyone.  Be just my luck.