Ban Video Games?

In my post of December 5, 2011, I lamented my daily experience on the train where I see young people with earplugs in, IPhone in hand, listening to music.  No books.  No newspapers.  No mechanism for learning.   Heads are occasionally bobbing to some random melody and eyes are constantly darting to the Iphone screen to adjust volume or tune selection.  Some of these people have the volume up so loud that one wonders why they are not already deaf. 

In the 7 months since that post, I have also noticed an abbondanza of young people sitting on the train playing video games or playing solitaire (us “older folks” are usually reading). 

Now unless you are going to be flying F-35 Lightnings in Afghanistan or Iraq, there is probably a limited benefit to honing the video game skills of avoiding falling bricks or blasting mutant centipedes.   I frankly like the idea of banning video games for anyone under the age of 65 (with special dispensation to retirees who may be under that age).    While we’re at it, all railroad cars should probably be staffed with an educational “monitor” who walks through the car with a ruler – ready to crack anyone on the knuckles who is not engaged in some educational pursuit.   My 6th grade teacher (see 11/23/11) would be ideal at this task . . . . .