And Speaking of Conservation

I go to a fitness center two or three times a week.  In the locker room, I see guys standing at the sinks.  Shaving.  They leave the water running full blast.   And they talk to friends.  Shave.  Talk.  An occasional rinse of the razor.  And the water runs.  Good, clean, fresh water.  Full blast.   Down the drain.  

In my post of July 26, 2011, I spoke of my registered trademark — JUST TURN IT OFF.  A trademark I have used in connection with small efforts in the direction of energy and water conservation.   It is something everyone can do.  Easily.  Shaving?  Turn the water on – and off – as needed.  It’s a small thing but it counts.   Shower?  Turn it on, get wet.  And turn it off while you soap down (I think I actually get “cleaner” this way).  Then rinse.  Going from room to room?  Turn off unneeded lights and energy.    Waiting in your car?  Turn off the engine. 

It doesn’t sound like much but just think if everyone saved one gallon of water a day.  That’s 300,000,000 plus gallons of clean, fresh water.   Save a quart?  That’s still 75,000,000 gallons a day.   Our children and grandchildren may need that water down the road.  I – like you – want it to be there. 

Try it.  Just turn it off. . . . .

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