The End of Illness

Dr. David Agus, an oncologist at the University of Southern California, has a new book out — The End of Illness.  In his book, Dr. Agus speaks of the various remedial things we can do to stay healthy (the usual – get up and walk around, frozen fruit is better than fresh if you are “juicing,” take the stairs, avoid some vitamins, avoid stress, and so on). 

However, there was one comment that I found verrrry interesting.  Cancer, he said, can be a product of unremitting inflammation.  Thus keeping inflammation down — or at a minimum — should be a goal.  What can we do?  He recommends a baby aspirin every day.   The baby aspirin – or aspirin in general – does more than just promote heart health, it helps moderate the inflammation which can be a catalyst to more serious maladies. 

I have long carried aspirin in my briefcase and even on the golf course given its palliative effect on heart attacks and migraines (an aspirin will often help relieve the symptoms of a migraine because of its palpable and prompt expansion of blood vessels).   Seems like aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) is worth a serious look for more than just heart health.*

*Check with your doctor before taking or otherwise using aspirin.

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