Leg Cramps

And while we’re on the subject of first aid . . . .

Both Donna and I have experienced nocturnal leg cramps or spasms.  Back of the leg.  Very painful.  So what can you do?

In order to treat leg cramps, it is advantageous to know the cause of such cramps.   From my research, I gather that dehydration, low potassium, low sodium, low calcium and underlying muscle injury are major contributors to leg cramps.  When I have experienced leg cramps, I rub the area vigorously, apply ice, drink a V-8 juice (high in sodium and potassium) and have a few glasses of water.  Know what?  The cramp goes away.* 

The last time this happened I had played golf all day without stops.  Walking.  No water.  Had a bit of lunch and a little ice tea and no other hydration.  Then we went out in the evening.  A wee bit of red wine.  No water.  Come nighttime, there was little inspiration to guzzle a few glasses of water or V-8 at bedtime.  Then at midnight – KA-BOOM!  Leg cramp.  My RX worked perfectly. 

*My comments here are not medical advice.  Always talk to a medical professional for issues like this.

2 thoughts on “Leg Cramps

  1. Kathy Kestler

    I too, was getting bad leg cramps at night and I know it was due to low potassium and dehydration. I’m now drinking coconut water each day and it really is helping. I haven’t had a leg cramp in quite some time. Coconut water is a good source of potassium and cures dehydration. Kind of like that old saying “killing two birds with one stone”.

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