First Aid

One of the best courses I ever took in college was a year-long (two semester) course in first aid.*  We started with the American Red Cross beginning course, moved on to the intermediate course, then moved into advanced.  We concluded the second semester with the Civil Defense Emergency Responder course which included clear instruction on a wide variety of serious emergency medical situations. 

When I signed up for the course I thought “I’m an Eagle Scout.  This will be a snap.”  Truth be told – it wasn’t as easy as I thought.  My point is that it is of great value — and could save a life — knowing how to deal with medical emergencies.  You will learn that the first response to any emergency is to call “911” or call your medical professional.   But when that’s not possible or help is delayed, know CPR.  Know the Heimlich Maneuver.  Know how to quickly respond to bleeding, pain, fever, and trauma.  Know the basics.  And perhaps know a little more.  All it takes is that one day – that one moment – when everyone stands around.  And you answer the call.      

*My best high school course was typing.

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