Feed The Dream

One of our great friends, Sandy Haggart, began doing medical mission trips to the Central America some years ago.  Fluent in Spanish, Sandy enjoyed the opportunity to share her language skill while serving the poorest of the poor.   Ten years ago, she visited Guatemala – and experienced a Damascus Road conversion. 

In spite of astonishing poverty, Sandy found the people of Guatemala to be hopeful and appreciative of even the smallest of courtesies.  As a result, in 2004, Sandy started a not-for-profit organization called “Feed the Dream” (www.feedthedream.org).  The mission of Feed the Dream is to improve the health and quality of life for children and women of child-bearing age in Guatemala through nutrition, clean water and counseling.   A charitable service that began in one village in 2004, Feed the Dream  has grown to an outreach that today serves 18 villages (1,400 people) daily in the most remote and poverty-stricken areas of Guatemala.  Feed the Dream gives no “handouts.”   This is a partnership with the indigenous people of Guatemala to better themselves and their neighbors.   

What touches me especially about Feed the Dream is that Sandy and her all-volunteer Board of Directors provide “boots on the ground” — traveling to Guatemala several times a year often for weeks at a time.  Wouldn’t it be nice if each of us could leave some legacy of making this troubled world a better place?