Why People are Late

Each morning I get up, feed Daisy and we take a walk.  We get the newspaper, I chow down my cereal and sip my coffee while reading the paper and watching “Squawk Box.”  Daisy sometimes sits on my lap staring at my cereal but that’s another story. . . . .

All the while, I keep a weather eye on the clock.  Why?  Because I have to catch a train.  If I miss the train, I miss the train.   The train waits for no one.   I’m left standing.  And I’m late.   Therefore I always allot myself precisely 14 minutes to walk from my house to the train station.   And I catch my train.  I am on time.  Ta daaaahhhh. . . . .   

“Where is this going?” you rightfully ask?  My point is that I have a theory.  People who do not need to catch a train or a bus or an airplane for work (or link life to the clock on some other obligation) have less incentive to be on time.  Hence . . . . there may be a higher incidence of running late. Think about it.  Test my theory.  I will look forward to any comments. . . . .

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