The (Hand)written Word Must Live

We have Twitter, texting, Facebook and emails.   And blogs. . . . . We post messages on “walls” you cannot touch.  We even have software for transcribing the spoken word.  The written word is certainly everywhere these days but the handwritten word seems to be disappearing.  Does anyone hand write letters anymore? 

The new digital media for sending messages, notes and letters has usurped the handwritten word.  It’s easier.   Quicker.  People still occasionally sign their name to holiday and birthday cards but even those staples are being replaced by emails, JibJab, Blue Mountain and a hodgepodge of electronic links.   I think it’s sad.  I think it’s a tragedy. 

How many handwritten notes have you received in the last month?  I’ve gotten four.  All from the same friend.  For me, the impact of a handwritten letter is powerful.  It stands out.  It is personal.  And it inspires a connection far more than an abbreviated text message “thx 4 din.”

So next time you need or want to make an impression – or really send a message – grab a pen, some paper, an envelope and postage stamp.  And handwrite your congratulation, thanks, condolence or wish of good cheer.  It will make you feel good.  And it will make the recipient feel even better.   

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