Born to Sweat

As some of you know, I’m a trademark lawyer.  As such, I sometimes come up with trademarks of my own.  BORN TO SWEAT is one of them.  I had t-shirts made with the t-shirt image I am wearing on the left.  And of course I wear my t-shirts to the local fitness center where I sweat quite appropriate to the trademark (and look much like I do on the left).   

Last year we were out for dinner with some friends and I happened to mention that I had applied to register (and now have registered) the BORN TO SWEAT trademark.  Our good friend said “Scott, horses sweat, men perspire – and women glow.”  Hmmmmmmm . . . . I thought . . . . .women glow?  Born to Glow.   Hey – that sounds good!  So now – thanks to our friend – BORN TO GLOW is a registered trademark too. 

I have absolutely no clue what I will ever do with these trademarks so if anyone has an idea . . . . .