September 1st.  Rabbit rabbit.  You’re wondering how in the world do I go from April 1st (previous post) to September 1st??  That’s how I feel about how summer has flown.   

In any given year in the history of time, no other month on the calendar will end on the same day as September ends.  This year, September ends on a Friday.  No other month in 2011 ends on Friday.  In 2010, September 30th was a Thursday and – sure enough – no other month ended on that day. 

September always begins on the same day as December begins.  There are 91 days separating the two dates and because 91 is divisible by 7, the rest is history.  And speaking of history, September means “seventh” month.  Yet it’s the 9th month in our calendar.  We can blame the Romans.  Actually, September was the seventh month of the Roman calendar.  Until 153 B.C. that is. . . .

Finally, September 1st is the beginning of meteorological autumn in the Northern Hemisphere (just as it introduces spring in the Southern Hemisphere).  And frankly, I’m ready for spring. . . . .    

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