Creamed Spinach – Redux

I had a surprising number of comments to my post on “Creamed Spinach.” The dish was dubbed a “favorite” by some. One friend suggested using a special brand of hydroponic spinach (grown in water – no soil – often indoors – no stems) from Wegmans (a supermarket chain out east). Another suggested adding other vegetables, an egg and parmesan cheese to the mix. Some spoke of the Chicago restaurant icons where the best creamed spinach is served. Those mentioned include The Berghoff (a favorite for me when I worked downtown) which adds a teaspoon of chicken bouillon, two teaspoons of flour and a pinch of nutmeg. Then there was the old Red Star Inn (which closed in 1983) where Johnny the Waiter – in a black tux – would serve you on the second floor. Two other honorable mentions were E.J.’s and Landl’s in Skokie.

The friend who suggested adding other “frozen vegetables” got me thinking. So last night’s creation included some frozen organic peas (washed and nuked for 4 minutes). The dish was spectacular! Next time – a pinch of nutmeg.

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