I have worked with several Russian law firms which deal with intellectual property. This morning, I sent a note to some of my Russian counterparts. I could have been a bit more strident but the message is still there.

Dear Colleagues,

I recently retired from the practice of law – though you will likely recognize my name given our association over the last 35 years.

I have tremendous respect for you, your fine Firm and for your colleagues.  I thought I would offer a comment on the tragedy that is unfolding in Europe. . . . .

I am saddened by the Russian invasion of and war against Ukraine and its people.  Vladimir Putin is sending missiles and bombs into Ukrainian homes, apartments, schools and businesses.  Men, women and children of Ukraine have been killed.  And now, many sons of Russia are also dying.  And the world sits on the brink of devastation. 

Putin is the richest man in the world – who has stolen billions of dollars, euros and rubles from the Russian people (many of whom – as you know – are poor and struggling).  He alone made the decision to commit Russia to War. Ukraine defends itself.  The world objects.  Humanity cries tears of sorrow.  Even though free speech and civil discourse are forbidden in Russia, tens of thousands of Russian people are objecting – demonstrating for peace. Russian athletes and academics have joined the chorus.

Please know that I am with those – who want peace in this world.  We are all one people.  And we are all in one giant boat.   Together.  We must be able to “get along” with each other – or our boat will sink.  And then each one of us – loses. 

Best regards,


The business of wanting peace, being in one boat and the need to “get along” applies as much to the United States as it does to Russia. It applies to every nation. And each one of us. Let’s all try to remember that as we discuss politics, religion, social issues and direction. . . . .