The New Testament

[A logical segue – a summer repeat from November 11, 2013]

In my post of June 11, 2012, I talked about reading the Old Testament.  I referenced some favorite verses therein (especially a quote from my father of the bride speech at Lauren’s wedding).  I just finished reading the New Testament.  Again.  Quite a trip.  The Gospels are interesting and inspiring as they have been forever.  The essence of Christianity. The Resurrection. Salvation. But there are some verses which I just had to write down.  Because sometimes one needs “special” inspiration.   

I Timothy 5:23 gives sage counsel:  “Drink no longer water but a little wine for thy stomach’s sake. . . .”    So who doesn’t feel obliged to have a nice cab now and then? 

I Timothy 4:8 admonishes that “. . . bodily training is of some value.”  So I (sigh) feel the push to go to the fitness center a few times a week.

Which leads to the whole reason for a personal trainer.  I mean it’s right there in Hebrews 12:12 “Therefore lift your drooping hands and strengthen your weak knees. . . .” 

But seriously, there is one chapter I discovered on a gray day in 1969.  I Corinthians 3.  For me, much of Christianity seems to distill in these 23 verses.  The words are old friends.  I find peace.  Calm.  And faith.   

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