Maybe it’s a Scandinavian thing but on those rare occasion when I get the chance (a cruise, health club or fancy hotel), I enjoy taking a sauna or sitting in the steam room. And who doesn’t like a hot shower? Or relish that cascade of toasty, tropical water that runs over your shoulders, back and head. I’m also a Loofah guy.

Loofahs (sometimes spelled “Luffa”) are exfoliating scrubs or sponges that can be used in the shower or at the sink. They are used to cleanse the skin but they also help stimulate blood circulation. Some of you may be going “what the heck’s a ‘loofah‘”? Believe it or not, the loofah is a vegetable. It is a variety of gourd — kind’ve a cross between a cucumber and zucchini. Vegans who don’t like to use sponges (eeek – an animal!) can use loofahs. They can serve in the shower to clean your feet and later they can be used to scrub the sink or countertop.

While loofahs in their vegetable form are technically edible (I do NOT recommend this), when you’re done with them, you can toss them in the back yard as they compost nicely. Since loofahs can pick up bacteria and such, it is recommended that they be retired sooner rather than later. Between the sauna, steam room and a loofah – I prefer the sauna. . . . .

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