A Belt and a Knife

On May 9, 2013, I posted on how I concluded some years ago that the tools and accoutrement in my basement workbench did little good if I were driving around in the car – and something came up where I needed a screw driver, saw, entrenching tool, air pump or axe.   So I outfitted our two cars with stuff that from the basement workbench.  If I need something for the house – I can go out to the car and . . . . .  Semper paratus as they say. . . . .

Sixty years ago, Boy’s Life Magazine suggested that Boy Scouts wear a belt. And carry a knife. Since then – I have done so.  

A belt can be used for many things:  tourniquet, a “reach” for someone in the water, restrain an angry dog, carry items, pull open car doors, etc.  A knife can open packages, remove staples, open a can or bottle, cut a seat belt, break a window, do an emergency tracheotomy and on and on.  There are numerous websites that discuss the potential value of belts and knives – beyond their intended purpose.  

So at any given time, when I am out walking, driving in the car, or heading off to my tap dancing lesson or the golf course – I will be wearing a belt.   And carrying a knife.  For the last 15+ years, the blade has been a Kershaw Black Blur.   On occasions when we go out for dinner or to an event – it’s a modest Swiss Army knife.  I especially like my Swiss Army knife because it has a toothpick.  For that reason, Donna prefers that I carry the Kershaw. . . . . 

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