Your Daughter is a Police Officer – and. . . .

Your daughter is a 5 year veteran of the Chicago Police Department. She’s a good person. A compassionate person. And one who wants to be a good police office.  She and her colleagues deal with confrontation from time to time.   So you tell me. – what should she do if Ole Svensson – a nasty character from Sweden. . . .

Grabs a skateboard and hits her over the head – and when she falls, hits her again.   

Has a firebomb that he is about to throw into a Target store? Has a firebomb that he is about to throw into a small home where 6 children live?

Is pulled over for doing 75 in a 30 zone. When your daughter asks for his driver’s license – he says @%&*$ you – and drives off.  Or fights her when she asks him to get out of the car.

She is standing on the corner when Ole walks up and splashes her with a plastic glass full of urine. 

She is standing with other police protecting a small 7/11 store owned by an immigrant family.  Ole is trying to get through to break the windows and grab some loot.  He pushes her.  And hits her.  

Just stands on the street corner – swearing at her.  Yelling at her.  Encouraging others to do the same.  Taking videos.  And laughing. 

She is in a small convenience store when Ole enters with a gun – and points it at the clerk.  She is armed.  

These are questions we’ve been hearing about.  Reading about.  What’s the answer?  What would you do?  What would you have your daughter do?  



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