Letters from Popi

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a challenge for everyone.  The handwriting is on the wall.  It will diminish the need for office space (who needs offices when many can work from home).  City centers will be affected.  It will impact business support companies, restaurants, schools and – in short – life as we know it.   I have concern for my family.  And for the ongoing meaningful education of my granddaughters – Eve and Elin.  So a few months ago, I had an idea.  

I have always been an advocate of the written word.  I have posted on the value of handwritten letters in the past (see September 26, 2011).  So it comes as no surprise that since mid-March, I have been sending my granddaughters a handwritten letter — every day.  

Now these are not ordinary letters.  Each one bears a cartoon image of – guess who (and sometimes guess who else).   It may be written on a sheet of paper from my largesse of stationery taken from the hotels Donna and I have stayed since we were first married (and I do have a largesse).  The letters always have a theme.  Discussion of the city or country from which the stationery originates; history; science; food; poetry; foreign languages; etc.   On the back of each envelope is the rubber-stamped image of a frog — who offers a clue as to the topic of the letter.  And each envelope bears a “Forever” frog stamp (yes there are frog stamps).    

I think the letters have gone over well.  On Father’s Day, I was presented with a thick 3 ring album bearing the title “Letters from Popi.”  It contained acetate envelopes — each containing a letter and the corresponding envelope.  The good news is — there are many spaces left to fill.