A Prayer

I’ve been walking to the train station every weekday for 40 years. As I walk, I don’t listen to music. Or books on tape. I ponder the day ahead.   Plan.  Think.  And I normally say a prayer. Over the years, the words have evolved a bit – but it is always the same in tone and tenor.  

Lord – thank you for this day.  Forgive my sins and hear my prayer. I pray Lord that you will bless this world and your children who live in it.  I ask you to help, heal, comfort, feed and defend the poor, the hungry, the homeless, the sick, the dying, those who are victims of abuse, hatred and violence, those who are lonely and depressed, those who are disabled and disfigured, those who can’t hear, those who can’t see, those who have MS or are paralyzed, those who suffer.

Speak to each one of us Lord and remind us of your presence, your Divinity and your Holy Word.  

Speak to me Lord and let me know how to use my time for the greatest good.  Guide me, lead me, push me – but whatever you do use me to Thy service. 

Bless my family.  Bless them all with health, safety, happiness, wisdom and faith in You.  Help our grandchildren to grow up straight, strong and good.  Let them love and be loved.   And let them be remembered for their contributions to this world, to thy Kingdom, to their families and to humanity.   Amen.  

And then I add a few words for friends and relatives who are ill or struggling.  I don’t need a script for this.  It’s hardwired.   We all deal with challenges, stress and now a pandemic that knows no bounds.  At this holy time of year, perhaps some of the words above can be used – and give comfort.    

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