The Renaissance Hombre’s Questions about Covid-19

China (and Russia) have laboratories which study and generate biological weapons.  Might something have gotten loose?

The issue has become heavily politicized.  Is the Coronavirus pandemic being overplayed by politicians?  The media?     

Why are businesses designated “essential” or “non essential” to determine if they can open?  Why not “safe” and “risky”?  And simply encourage social distancing.  I mean parks?  Golf courses?  

Plaintiff’s lawyers (one of nature’s lowest life forms) are lining up to capitalize on the pain of the Coronavirus.  Targeting everyone in sight.  Should these efforts be disallowed from the get go? 

Trump was criticized for saying he had authority to make the decision on reopening.  Then he was criticized for saying governors can decide.  Regardless of one’s stripe, should politics stay out of this dilemma?   Trump is a jerk; Democrats are evil; and Republicans are stupid.   There.  Now can we get back to work?  And put politics aside?    

Should we allow states and even municipalities to reopen when they want?  Given that each area has its own unique affect, contagion and demographics?  Sweden – which has not closed anything so far – fares better than everywhere else. 

Jim Cramer on “Mad Money” (CNBC) said we are fast approaching an economic tipping point (a la Malcolm Gladwell).  He warned of what happened to Europe in the 1920’s (depression, unemployment, famine, etc.).  It could happen here.  Does this risk outweigh the reward of ongoing incarceration of citizens?    

Movement, financial incentive and activity have been stifled.  Some in government are giddy over the prospects of continuing and increasing heavy regulation, control and domination.  Do we want this? 

You tell me. . . . .