Civil War

On December 19th, on NBC’s Today show, Chuck Todd host of “Meet the Press” opined that America is now in a “cold civil war.” 

America had one real civil war with over 620,000 men killed (2% of America’s population).   Let’s hope we’re not on tap for another.  But according to a June 2018 Rasmussen poll, 31% of Americans are concerned about another civil war within the next five years (67.23% per the Intelligencer of October 2019).  Only 29% of Americans believe a civil war is “not at all likely.” 

We all know that Democrats threw down the gloves when Donald Trump was nominated.  Ongoing efforts to overturn the election.  A demand for impeachment even before he took office.  Once in the White House, they threw down the gloves on the 63 million folks who voted for him.   Formal “Resistance” was established.  Obstruction (“no” votes) to Presidential nominees became the norm.  Those on staff in the White House could not go out for dinner or a walk – without being heckled, demeaned and threatened.   

Trump is arrogant, narcissistic and undisciplined.  But has America deserved three years of resistance?  Obstruction?  Division?  Where are we headed?    America is seething with anger. Identity politics.  Tribes.  Everyone has a righteous mind (see 7/6/14).  That is closed.  With no room for facts.  Logic.  Or truth.  And a poisonous media fuels the fires.  

America.  The United States of . . . .  Wouldn’t it be nice if a Pledge of Allegiance to our nation came back into fashion?   Civil discourse?  Charity?  Compromise?   That seems way too much to ask of anyone in Washington.   But for the rest of us?  Should we take a knee?   Do we try to bring healing to our fractured nation?  Or do we want Republicans to throw down the gloves.  You tell me. . . . .   

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