Ultimate Fighting

Who watches ultimate fighting?  The Sports Business Journal pegs the median age for those who watch ultimate fighting as men – 49 years old.   But when I ask “who” watches ultimate fighting, I’m more interested in what kind of human being enjoys watching men trying to kill each other.    

In my post of March 29, 2018, I spoke of Edward Gibbons’ classic work The History of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire.  The reasons for Rome’s destruction are scarily similar to things happening today in America.  One reason for the Empire’s unraveling was the blood lust of Romans in the brutal gladiator  games.  

Is ultimate fighting any different?  For some aficionados, the more brutal and bloody the match – the better.  Yet read the statistics on UF “warriors” who have died in the ring (or shortly thereafter).  These guys are dropping like flies (or becoming vegetables).  Bump someone on the street too hard and you can be charged with assault and battery.  Extinguish a human life in the UF ring?   And you become a legend.

Who watches ultimate fighting?  I scratch my head on this one.        

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