I’m a sucker for TED Talks. Well, I just had lunch.  And watched another — that I would like to share with you.

Africa.  A continent of crushing poverty.  Pain.  Corruption.  And yet – so many good organizations are working to make things better.  Ndidi Nwuneli presented a talk “The Role of Faith and Belief in Modern Africa”  see  ).  The premise of Ndidi’s presentation is that there are many faith-based organizations which offer help to the poorest of the poor in Africa.  And there are many secular organizations which do the same.  But secular organizations often refuse to work with faith-based organizations.  Ndidi’s message?  Please keep an open mind so we can work together to help people. . . . .

The takeaway is that groups that are not religious can enhance their missions and results by working in concert on certain tasks (especially health care and education) with faith-based organizations.  By working together – rather than at cross-purpose (or redundant purpose) greater progress may be made.  The winners?  The poorest of the poor in Africa.  The losers?  None that I can think of . . . . . 

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