My “Take”. . . .

When Kavanaugh’s appointment was announced, every Democrat immediately responded that they would vote against him.  The interview process meant nothing.  His background?  Zip.  Nor advice and consent.  It’s been that way for other Republican nominees:  Alito, Bork, Thomas, Gorsuch and now Kavanaugh.

Democrats are driven by power.  And a single troubling issue.   No compromise.  No conciliation.  Now Democrats are encouraged to assault Republicans.  Drive them out.  And deny conservatives a right to speak – as has been de riguer on college campuses.  Demonstrators are paid to create turmoil.  And attack conservatives.       

It’s different if Senator Ed Kennedy kills a girl while he’s drunk. It’s great for Senator Bob Byrd to head the KKK in West Virginia.  The Clintons (need I say more?).  For Senators to lie about military service or ethnic heritage. But for a Republican nominee to be accused (zero corroboration) of groping a girl when he was a juvenile (remember –those under 18 are not “adults”), then he must be unfit.  When Kavanaugh defended himself he was decried as having no judicial temperament.  If he had taken the accusations quietly.  “Oooh. . . he must be guilty.” 

In my post of September 20, 2018, I commented that a third of Americans believe that a civil war is imminent. Well Pilgrims – raise that number.  Because a lot more folks are really angry.  Those who care nothing about truth.  And those who do.   Can we do anything to stop the madness?  Can you?  


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