Mister Lucky

Call me Mister Lucky.  I find pennies, nickels, dimes, cash, wallets, watches, jewelry and diamond rings (see August 2, 2012).  Our local paper had my picture under the heading “Mister Lucky” after winning the Illinois Lottery with an office group (see January 4, 2015).  

So. . . . last month, we were on a cruise in the Baltic.  Wonderful experience.  On the first evening, Donna and I walk from our stateroom to the elevators.  To go have dinner. WHOA!  There on the floor is a wad of greenbacks.  I pick it up.  I look down the halls.  Not a soul around.  It’s five twenties.  A hundred bucks.  My Boy Scout mentality compelled me to report finding “some currency” on Deck 8.  I did not add the detail of denominations or nationality (I am not as dumb as I look).   So with this newfound stash of cash I decided to hit the shipboard casino.  The first night, I surrounded our lucky number with chips.  Half hour later – I was $855 richer.   My number had come up four times. . . . . .

With this increased largesse I visited the casino on a few additional nights thinking that before too long I would own the ship and the Regent Cruise Line.  But that didn’t happen.  The $855 slipped away and I debarked in Copenhagen only twenty bucks richer than when I started.  Oh – and no one claimed the twenties . . . .    

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