Orange You Wonderful?

Readers of “Renaissance Hombre” know that I enjoy cooking.   Sunday night, I decided, I will make a dinner for my whole family that is memorable. . . . .  I think I did.  

I toddled off to Whole Foods and wandered around.  Looking for inspiration.  There were foods of many colors.  Red.  Green.  Yellow.  And Orange.  Orange.   Hmmmm . . . .  My eyes narrowed.   What if I prepare a dinner where everything is orange – or a close facsimile.   I’m sure my granddaughters would love it.   So I seized on crab and salmon cakes and chicken strips for the main course.   Orange‘ish.  With an orange remoulade sauce.  For the accompaniment, I chose organic carrots, diced sweet potato and shaved butternut squash.  Orange.   Which I sauteed over a low heat in olive oil for about 45 minutes (and then caramelized with some Maine maple syrup).  I chopped up a cantelope and sliced a mango for “sides.”  There were orange corn chips in a bowl on the table.  Dessert was an – orange – Talenti caramel and sea salt gelato.  Though in deference to the chef, the wine was a Cannonball cabernet.  No orange juice. . . . .  

There were leftovers.  And I did the dishes.   As a result, I scored points big time.  Ding ding ding ding (see e.g. 5/16/12; 5/18/12; et al).   The best compliment was when I asked my granddaughters what they wanted for dinner tomorrow night.  They yelled “Orange!”  


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