Thump my what??

We all know the value of humor (see July 29, 2011 and April 3, 2014). 

Humor can be so important in the healing process that Denise — a delightful oncology nurse in Lake County, Illinois, started a “Humor Exchange” for patients.   This monthly get together is designed to encourage people who have health issues — to start laughing.   And keep laughing.  More and more studies confirm that laughter provides a smorgasbord of physiological benefits:  increases the “Natural Killer” (NK) cell and lymphocyte count (important immune responses in the fight against cancer); decreases stress hormones; increases immune cells (“T” cells); lowers blood pressure; works your abs; release endorphins; and essentially makes you smile.  And snort. . . .

At a recent conference, Denise recently learned of another healthy technique (that sounds pretty funny).  It’s called “thumping the thymus.”  The thymus gland — which is responsible for “T” cells and immunity — lies beneath the sternum.  A person pats their sternum for a few minutes and feels better.  And enlists a potential for improving immunity.  Don’t take my word for it.  There are articles galore on this subject (see e.g. ).  So go ahead.  Thump your thymus.  What’ve you got to lose?  And while your at it . . . . laugh.