Avocados for Breakfast

[A repeat from August 20, 2013]

Avocados for Breakfast” sounds like the title of a steamy romance novel set in Northern California.   “Hey Martha, would you like an avocado for breakfast?”  “Oh Henry, you sweet talker. . . . ”  

I have breakfast every morning.   For my breakfast, you might make a face – shake your head – and say “Are you kidding.”

I try to eat a healthy breakfast.  Oh I know – if there’s leftover pizza or spaghetti carbonara in the fridge, I’d likely grab that and some coffee.  But that stuff does not make for a sparky day.  Usually it’s high fiber (bran) cereal, blueberries or banana and coffee. Lotsa coffee. . . .  Maybe once or twice a week, I have an avocado (with a little Newman’s salad dressing) and a banana. And the obligatory coffee.  More and more though I’m drifting toward avocados for breakfast. . . . . 

Avocados are a magnificent food.  One of the healthiest you can eat.  And avocados are among the least contaminated so there is really no need to buy organic (see post of July 12, 2012, for the “Dirty Dozen” foods which you do not want to buy “conventional”).  And avocados are simply delish.  I make my own guacamole (smooshed avocado, finely-chopped cilantro and lime juice – that’s it) and have it for a meal.  Heck – guacamole for breakfast?  It doesn’t get any better.   

One thought on “Avocados for Breakfast

  1. Denise Driscoll

    I agree Scott…my two favorites….bananas and avocados!!Will be reading your new articles and catching up on old ones. Thanks a lot!!Denise 

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