Al-Shabaab. Boko Haram. ISIS. The Taliban. Al-Qaeda.  And other Muslim terrorist organizations.  We read about ISIS digging its poisoned fangs into London.  Paris.  Manchester.  But we also read about horrible violence in Nigeria.  Yemen.  Iraq.  Teheran.  What is interesting is that the vast majority of all terrorist attacks occur in Islamic countries.  And the vast majority of victims are Muslim.  

According to a 2011 National Counter-Terrorism Center (NCTC) report, between 82% and 97% of all terrorist victims are – Muslim.  The reason for the 15 point gap is that the NCTC was unable to verify the religious affiliation of some victims.  One problem is that of the 72 different sects of Islam, many of them hate each other.  And thus there is internecine violence in Muslim countries.  They all say the shahadah (“there is no God but Allah . . . “) and yet they are killing each other like flies.  And then there are the evil, corrupt and mainly uneducated terrorist groups that have an equal opportunity plan of killing everyone. . . . .    

I post often on religion — and frequently on Islam.  As I suggested on August 6, 2015, most Muslims are of the Mecca variety (generally peaceful) — not the Medina types (fundamental/caliphate-driven).  

Next time you read about 63 people killed in a car bombing or an attack on a wedding ceremony with 45 fatalities or a suicide bomber killing 51 women and children in a market, note that it probably happened in the Middle East or Central Asia.  When it happens again in America or Europe (which it likely will), we can at least take heart that all of humanity – regardless of religion – should be in this together against the Godless forces of darkness.