Home Run!

Since post number one in 2011, I have frequently referenced my various recipes and culinary creations.  I enjoy cooking and look forward to prowling the aisles of Fresh Market or Whole Foods seeking inspiration for new dishes.   Sunday was no exception.

I diced and skinned a large acorn squash; diced two bunches of organic carrots; sliced a dozen large Shiitake mushrooms; and then chopped up a yellow onion.  I sauteed the mix in the usual olive oil (high heat to begin then low heat for about 40 minutes) stirring frequently.  Seasoning is optional depending on the crowd.  I’m partial to light pepper, turmeric and garlic powder.   I also made a salad with mixed greens – heavy on the arugula.  And added fresh mango, papaya and banana – topped with a light avocado dressing.  

Grilled chicken breasts marinated for a few hours in mango sauce was the main course.  The chicken could have been pounded lightly (a wine bottle usually works better than one of those kitchen hammers).  The meal was accompanied by a nice Liberty School merlot.  Dessert – as a concession to my granddaughters who joined us – consisted of gluten-free double chocolate chip cookies.  

Pow!  This meal was out on Waveland Avenue. . . . .    

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