Sanctuary Cities

Federal law mandates the enforcement of immigration laws.  The Supreme Court, however, requires states (and thus municipalities) to make social services available to all residents irrespective of immigration status.  And – the high court prohibits the federal government from forcing states to enforce federal law (at their own expense).  Thus in America, some municipalities (and states) openly defy federal law.  And there’s the rub. . . . .

There are 1.2 billion people in Africa, India, China and the Middle East who would love to move to the United States.  Most are poor.  Some are homeless.  Many uneducated.  And unemployed (and unemployable).   The question is – should we open our borders to them?  All of them?  Those who sponsor “sanctuary cities” say “yes.”  Those who favor open borders say “yes.”  Those who push back on immigration regulations say “yes.”  

Some communities (and states) require no showing of legal residence to receive drivers licenses, free education, free hospitalization, food stamps, welfare, unemployment compensation, subsidized housing, the right to sue and so on.  A few states and cities open their arms (and wallets) to everyone.  Without limitation.  This leads to the logical question of who’s gonna foot the bill?   Do we open the doors to 1.2 billion people?  

Some well-meaning and ideologically-motivated people prefer uncontrolled handouts — without addressing — or solving — or caring about — the underlying problems faced by immigrants in their own countries.  And this has led to an unsustainable, divisive and costly dilemma.   So what do we do?