Happy Socks

Over the years, my feet have become increasingly unhappy. I won’t bore you with the pathology of my paws but suffice to say I have grumpy feet.  But I walk.  I wear shoes.  And I wear socks.  

In my post of November 14, 2013, I lamented the chaos in pulling open my sock drawer.  And I reported on the fix.  If you want some real captivating reading, check out that post. . . . .  My sock drawer has improved but the colors have remained lackluster.  That is until last Christmas.  

My granddaughters presented me with 6 pair of colorful “Happy Socks” (I’m wearing them as I write).  Eve and Elin are aware that Popi’s feet need help.  So they concluded that Happy Socks may be just the ticket.  

Happy Socks is a brand – started in 2008 by two Swedes – Viktor Tell and Mikael Söderlindh.   They wanted to build a brand that would be a “breath of fresh air” for one’s attire.  In looking at my sock drawer upgrade – they have succeeded.  My Happy Socks are a cacophony of color which help put my feet into a more neutral – if not happy – mood.   According to the London Evening Standard, Happy Socks are known for their “bold, colourful designs [which] tread precariously close to garish.”  

I now wear Happy Socks almost all the time.  Next time I wear my tux, I will likely be wearing socks that look like a Jackson Pollock painting.