Teachers Unions

Does the Chicago Teachers Unions care about education?  Or poor kids?  Look at the facts.  The Teachers Union wants a tight lid on competition.  Fight charter schools.  Fight reform.  Fight getting rid of bad teachers.  Keep lousy schools lousy.  Raise unfunded pension deficits.  Deny opportunity for educational choice.  Demand fewer school days.  Shorter hours to work.  Yet demand more money.  More benefits.   Read the newspapers.  This ain’t fake news, people.  I have to wonder why.  Why do they do it?   I see no moral explanation. 

Poor parents beg – clamor – for good schools for their children.  They sign up in droves for a chance at a charter school.  Most teachers unions respond to the poor with a snarled four letter word.  And a finger.  Talk about building a wall . . . . .

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reformation in teachers unions.  A reformation in attitude — where education comes first.  Children come first.  The poor are not denied.  Giving opportunity to all kids to reach their highest potential.  I don’t rule it out.  But this is a change that will have to come from within.            


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