Gus Edwards

I went to the veterinarian to pick up my daughter’s dog who had been boarded for a few days. I walked in and said “I’m here to pick up Gus.” The young woman looked at me “last name?”

It was then I realized that dogs have last names that must be trotted out on special occasion. If you asked me if I had a dog, I’d say “yes.” If you asked me her name, I’d say “Daisy.” And that would be it.  If I responded that my dog’s name was “Daisy Petersen,” you’d probably look at me, roll your eyes and start edging away. . . . .

At the veterinarian though – it’s customary for dogs, cats, gerbils and the occasional fish to have last names. “I’m here to pick up my hamster – “Butterscotch Petersen.” And the receptionist would nod and check the records.  And send a note to the back room to bring out “Butterscotch Petersen.”  No rolled eyes.  No edging away.  Just a $184.00 hotel bill for Butterscotch Petersen.  

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