A Last Minute Gift

Diogenes of Sinope (404-323 B.C.) was the Greek Cynic philosopher who is reported to have walked through the streets of Athens – lantern in hand – searching for an honest man.  I don’t recall him finding any.    

I took the day off yesterday – to search.  I didn’t have a lantern but I did have a credit card.  Searching.  For just the right gifts.  For Donna and for grab bag gifts for two young men in the family.  The grab bag gifts were tough.  What to get.  Socks?  A tie?  English Leather?  I wandered from store to store.  Credit card in hand.  Searching.  I found nothing.  And then (cue the trumpet) I walked into Brookstone.  And there it was.

Brookstone had a whole wall.  Of DRONES.  I know what you’re thinking – those big expensive buzzards that circle around and deliver packages.  Yes but. . . . these drones start at $29.99 for a small one.  Next stop $49.99 – for a drone with a camera.  And on up.  To the big boys.   I ended up with two of the lower price drones.  And last night – the $49.99 variety went over very well. 

I previously touted the Genome Project kits as excellent gifts for family (see 8/6/11 and 9/13/15).  I’ve done it and it’s amazing.  I continue to believe that it is not just a gift but a learning experience.  But if you’re looking for a quick score this Christmas, you may want to check out Brookstone’s selection of real drones.  Up in the air, Junior Birdman . . . . . 

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