What’s the only country in the world outside of the U.S. to have its capital named after an American President? Answer: Liberia (Monrovia)     What is the only country whose flag copies the American flag – but has only one star?  Answer:  Liberia.   What is the only country in Africa where the U.S. dollar is the national currency?  Answer:  Liberia.   What is the only country in Africa which has English as its national language?  Answer:  Liberia.  What African country frowns on “African” first names?  Answer:  Liberia.  What is the only African country to declare independence without a revolt or incursion by another country?  Answer:  Liberia. 

Liberia.  “Land of the Free.”  Was settled in 1822 by the American Colonization Society.  And populated by former slaves — who had left the United States in search of a better life.  James Monroe was a supporter of the ACS.  Hence Monrovia.  

During the 1950’s, Liberia enjoyed the world’s second-highest rate of economic growth.   But then things began to unravel.  From 1989 to 1995, a bloody civil war claimed more the 200,000 Liberian lives.  Since then, there have been sporadic uprisings though the country has been fairly stable since 2005. 

Liberia offers a “flag of convenience” — the second largest maritime registry in the world (behind Panama) allowing maritime vessels to register under the Liberian flag for business and tax purposes.  Corruption and crime are problems in Liberia but there is now one 18 hole golf course in Liberia — The Seaview Golf Club in Virginia, Montserrado County.  Thus Liberia is back on my bucket list . . . .   

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