Batteries I have known

In my post of April 26, 2014, I opined that it is better to be a thermostat than a thermometer.  It is better to be in control.  In helping, healing, comforting and improving the human condition.  Rather than to sit back and passively observe the world going on around you.  The small things we do for others may mean nothing to us.  But they may mean everything to someone else.  Ahhh. . . to be a thermostat. . . . 

Ever notice when you buy batteries for a flashlight.  The dry cell batteries start out strong.  Bright.  Over time they get dimmer.  And dimmer.  And gradually flicker out.  Lithium cell batteries on the other hand pour out 100% power until – like a light switch – they go out.  Most of the folks I know are thermostats.  Powered by lithium cells.  They are productive, active and moving.  All of the time.  Regardless of age.  Pouring out energy, activity and contribution.      

Cemeteries are full of unused potential and squandered talent.  Imagine if each plot had a light shining above reflecting the occupant’s productive time on earth.  How many would be crisp beams of lithium cell brightness.  How many fading dry cell lights.  How many would be dark.

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