Soooo, Wise Guy. . . .

In my post on the book Ghettoside, I suggested that caring folks with pure hearts and sound minds could make inroads into poverty — and the terrible disease of gang violence in black communities — if not hampered by politics, social agenda and political correctness.  The blight of poverty is complicated — affected by a constellation of factors – both inside and outside these communities.   

Over the last few weeks, I have compiled a list of causes of poverty — offered with a pure heart and (reasonably) sound mind:  educational shortcomings; family dynamics (72% of black children are born out of wedlock) — resulting in single parent homes; young mothers who have trouble “parenting” — which triggers the 30 million word gap (see post of 9/4/15); a lack of positive role models — which helps inspire gangs; lead poisoning; mental illness; unemployment/underemployment; a culture of entitlement; resignation; political convenience; unspeakable violence on television, in movies, video games and music — which inspires a “culture” of violence — resulting in post traumatic stress; prohibitions against the teaching of values, discipline, direction and competition; cultural malaise; nutrition; obesity; drugs; low income; symmetrical, poverty-stricken neighborhoods; a lack of accountability; demonization of police by groups like Black Lives Matter (though usually not by folks who live in the neighborhoods).  “Racism” is a factor as well though the term is often too casually used for political purpose.

And I’m sure there are other reasons.  Where am I going wrong?  What can we do?