My Mind is Made Up

My mind is made up.  Don’t confuse me with the facts.”  So goes the old saying.  To many, politics is an absolute.  There is no discussion.

Pundits say most Democrats will vote for Hillary though she lies, cheats and may (should?) end up in prison.  Many Republicans would vote for Trump regardless of his craziness, despicable comments and scary volatility.  These people don’t care.    

These are people who would rather vote for (choose – the most evil person in history) than someone of a different party.   My mind is made up.  Don’t confuse me . . . . . What does this say about America?  What does this say about the breathtakingly uneducated  souls who would vote for these two (some of whom may be reading this)?   

Remember the book The Righteous Mind? (See 7/16/14).   No amount of evidence, education or clarity will change some people’s minds.   Ideology is everything.  They are hardwired and don’t know it.  My mind is made up. . . .  

But wait.  Could it be?  An arguably honorable person might run for President?   Michael Bloomberg?  As an independent?  Maybe there is hope for America.   Just maybe.  He is definitely not perfect.  But he is not a criminal or a jerk.   To be continued. . . .      

One thought on “My Mind is Made Up

  1. John Stonebraker

    Bloomberg? Really? Hoo, boy! Get out the smelling salts, Mabel, Scott has lost it.

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