Castor Oil

I know my prior post was mildly controversial.  The problem is – everyone is angry today.  And partisan.  Many cannot see, understand or appreciate the merit of anyone else’s position or political persuasion.  My mind is made up. . . .  I’m angry as well.  Thus my observation includes – me.

I like you question – intellectually and morally – those who don’t think as I do.  How can they possibly. . . .  And of course some will question me in that regard.  How can Petersen think like he does . . . . This whole political anger thing is a disease. Which can be fatal.

If you have a school board in a town of 150 people that can’t get along – how do you expect to have people get along on a national, state or even city-wide basis?  Isn’t there enough anger in the world?   Every faction, country, party, religion, sect and individual – is right.  No one listens to anyone else.      

I’m sure if Abraham Lincoln was running  for President today, he would lose.  “Oh he has a high-pitched voice.”  He’s homely.”  “He’s not telegenic.”   Hillary would lie about him.  Trump would ridicule him.  Sanders would condemn him.   Sometimes an individual and a country need castor oil.  Nobody likes it but it helps.  What we don’t need is poison.