40 Minutes to Glory

On December 10th of last year, I talked about a primo rice and beans dish that I concocted using Rice Select Royal Blend rice. Well, last night I did it again. Big time. . . . .

I volunteered (as I frequently do on weekends) to make dinner. I drove to Fresh Market, walked in and stood. My eyes narrowed. I rubbed my chin.  Drooled.  And then the lights flickered and went on.  I got the fixings and went home to boldly go where no man had gone before.

I took a cup of Rice Select Royal Blend (a unique combo of Texmati, white, brown, wild and red rice) and got it going in a pot of water (for rice, I sometimes use chicken stock which can be flavorful – but salty).  In a saucepan, I chopped some organic carrots; washed and sliced some Shiitake mushrooms (Shiitake and Asian mushrooms are healthier); diced an acorn squash; and chopped a sweet onion. I sautéed the mix on low heat in the usual drench of olive oil. I shook on some pepper, turmeric and Sunny Spain Seasoning.  Stirring frequently.   With a few minutes left, I spooned on some honey — to caramelize.

The “side” was a wild Atlantic salmon covered in olive oil, turmeric, pepper and more Sunny Spain seasoning.  Dinner was finito in about 40 minutes.  We sat, listening to Gato Barbieri, sipping Liberty School merlot and dining on a dish that I have absolutely no idea what to call. . . . .

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