I’m not a movie critic – but I do (like you) have objective credentials for offering comment. The movie “Creed” had primo reviews (“best since ‘Rocky’“).  But in my humble opinion, the film was pretty boring.  Donna needed popcorn and Pepsi to stay awake.   The movie’s path was predictable.  Sylvester Stallone acted in his usual “duhhhhh how ya doon’?” fashion for the entire movie.  My mouth logged open and my eyes were glassy. . . . .    

The final “Rocky” scenes are unpleasant with the gratuitous violence and graphic result.  Slow motion blood, guts, vomit and disfigurement.  People who enjoy ultimate fighting, boxing or violent movies will like this.   Frankly I had trouble watching “Creed.”    One star.  Tops. 

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