If you see something, say something. . . .

Every day we hear the admonition that is borne of terror – “If you see something, say something.” It is that mantra that tells citizens to be aware of their surroundings — and to report anything that looks out of place.  I’ve been saying that for years — “Watch for Anomalies” (see 6/18/12).  But should we really “say something“?

First – “if you see something” it will likely be someone (or something) that looks “out of place.”  Someone who raises suspicion.  This in turn requires some level of “profiling” which we are told in the United States is politically incorrect and thus forbidden.  Though profiling is viewed in most countries as smart.  Remember the 14 year old boy in Dallas who came to school with a package filled with wires and containers.  Someone “said something.”  Police showed up and detained the boy.  Turned out the boy had a homemade clock.  The clock was examined and dismantled by a bomb squad. The boy – a Muslim – is now suing the Dallas school system for $15 million.  And he’s moved to Qatar.  Airlines who question or debark suspicious passengers are sued routinely.  Same with police.  By the usual and predictable coterie of loathsome plaintiff’s lawyers . . . .      

Maybe the lesson should be — “if you see something – run the other way.”  And leave others deal with the consequences.  Sergeant Schulz comes to mind “I know nothing!  I see nothing!”