For Want of a Nail. . . .

If there was a pivotal moment in my life, it was becoming an Eagle Scout. I owe a lot to that boyhood achievement: going to college; going to law school; getting a job; meeting my wife; having a daughter and grandchildren; and knowing how to deal with different “situations.”

The sine qua non for my acceptance to Augustana College was that I was an Eagle Scout (see post of 10/13/13).  It sure wasn’t because I was a scholar.   At Augustana, I chatted with a couple of pals who talked about law school.  Soooo, I went to law school.  At Augustana, I met Diane — who a year after my graduation introduced me to Donna (“Scott I have a girlfriend from New York I think you should meet“).  And because of Donna, we have Lauren and her family.  When I interviewed to be a State’s Attorney, the first 15 minutes of conversation was about Boy Scouts (I’d put “Eagle Scout” on my resume).  And I was offered the job.

Being an Eagle Scout taught a lot – including first aid (see 10/21/11 and 10/31/15).  That knowledge has saved the day on a few occasions.  An Eagle trajectory got me a job at age 14 (for three summers) on staff at Camp Napowan — a Scout camp in Wild Rose, Wisconsin.  The experience provided a major education and provided friends I have to this day.

All in all, I’d have to say that being an Eagle Scout was the “nail” (Poor Richard’s Almanac 1758) that made all the difference in the world for yours truly.  And you know what?  That achievement has made – and will continue to make — all the difference in the world for a universe of young men.              

One thought on “For Want of a Nail. . . .

  1. Don Fagerberg

    Nice blog! Eagle Scout is still a hallmark of many successful men. I just began PT for a bone-on-bone left knee, and found out that my trainer is an Eagle Scout, as well as an excellent golfer who is hired to rate golf courses across the country. Don

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