Don’t Mess with Texas

Texas. The Bureau of Economic Analysis reported that in 2014 the Texas economy grew by a sizzling 5.2%. That’s second only to North Dakota (6.3%). Texas is creating large numbers of jobs and unemployment (4.3%) is below the national average. Texas is now America’s top technology exporter. In short, Texas is in the business of creating wealth for all. Not redistributing what is there.  Governor Greg Abbott has just signed into law tax cuts amounting to $4 billion. 

And then we have Illinois.  The worst bond rating of the 50 states.  The highest pension deficit of the 50 states ($111 billion).  Massive budget deficits.  Jobs leaving Illinois at the rate of 1,000 per day.  Citizens moving away.  Chicago’s population is today less than it was in 1920.  Up until last November’s election, Illinois had the worst Governor in the 50 states (Pat Quinn) according to the Wall Street Journal.  The state is run by unions and Speaker Mike Madigan — a man who should probably be in prison for what he has done to the State.   Unlike Texas – where citizens are getting a tax break – Illinois taxes are going up on the diminishing number of taxpayers who are footing the bill.   The new Governor – Rauner – is trying to improve things but the unions and Mike Madigan refuse to cooperate.  They insist on killing Illinois once and for all.     

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