For three summers, I was on staff at Camp Napowan — a Boy Scout camp in Wild Rose, Wisconsin. From late May (setting up the camp) until late August (taking it down), I worked with about forty other young men.  Nearly all were Eagle Scouts.  And all were good pals.  I’ve posted before about Camp Napowan (7/26/11; 2/1/12; 2/5/12; and 6/4/13).   Working at that camp — with young men of great stature, integrity and character — made quite an impression on me.   

A few weeks ago, I went back for a reunion of staff at Camp Napowan. There were guys that I hadn’t seen in 53 years. And you know what? We literally picked up where we left off. There were seven guys of my vintage who showed up.  The camp had changed a great deal.  But the guys had not.  It was enlightening to see what these 15 year old boys had become: veterinarian; oncologist; Navy pilot/commander; accountant; businessman; and two lawyers.  We have since spent time emailing, exchanging photographs and chatting on the phone. 

Next year, Camp Napowan is hosting another reunion.  The 70th anniversary.  Instead of bringing seven grown up 15 year olds out of the woodwork, there is hope for several times that.  Maybe even Harrison Ford will show up (see 2/5/12).  To be continued. . . . .