Bill Cosby

Years ago, I used to live across from the Old Mister Kelly’s off of Rush Street in Chicago.  Kitty corner from Papa Milano’s.  My apartment was a 2 story walk up dump in the old Newberry Apartments at State and Oak in Chicago.  One cockroach per square foot of space (or was it two?).  Plus some resident mice.  I remember then hearing that Bill Cosby was an occasional visitor at the Playboy Mansion a few blocks north of where I lived. Frankly, everyone around knew this.  And the word on the street about him was scandalous.  Mister Cosby demanded and was provided whatever he wanted.  If you get my drift. . . . 

I remember hearing this same buzz years later.  Maybe someone should talk to Hugh Hefner. Or what’s left of him. . . .

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