Behold how good and how pleasant it is for brothers to dwell together in unity.  It is like the precious ointment upon the head . . . . and as the dew that descended upon the mountains of Zion . . . .”  Psalm 133

I have a hundred brothers.  They are scattered to the four winds.  They are my fraternity brothers from Augustana College.  Members of the Gamma Alpha Beta – GAB – fraternity.  I wasn’t destined for college (see post of October 13, 2013).  My future was to work after high school.  Frankly, it’s a fluke that I even applied (after graduation) and got in to college.  And came to know my brothers. 

Last weekend, we had a reunion of brothers from the GAB fraternity.  Donna and other wives attended.  It started Friday night and went to Sunday afternoon.  What a slice.   I am truly grateful for the opportunity of meeting, knowing and loving the men who are my brothers.  There are amazing memories and stories (many of which are gladly remembered — and a few that won’t be repeated).  I remember one dark night when my entire pledge class was corralled by police and taken off to jail.  One astute pledge escaped by pulling himself up onto a fire escape.  Me.   🙂

The GAB’s won the Homecoming Sing with the ballad I sang to Lauren every night when she was little — “Oh Shenendoah.”   It was that song I picked for the Father-Daughter dance at her wedding (see post of August 14, 2011).  We both had tears in our eyes as the music played.  One brother – my roommate of 3 years – Colonel “Ox” – has been a glue that helped gather up about a hundred GAB’s on our mailing list.  And we chatter like old women in our emails.  Yet we all contribute in our own way.  It’s interesting how when you meet old friends, you kinda pick up where you left off.  It’s as if time stood still and you’re back being 19 years old again.  In my brain, I’m still 19.  Now if only my body would cooperate . . . . .        

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